About Kerry Loeb, Self-Massage & Health Training Expert

I want you to know that whatever the condition of your health, there is always the opportunity to achieve a greater level of well-being.

I’ll show you how you can achieve that through this Self-Massage Wellness program.

Many years ago, I used my fear, desperation and frustration of living a lost life to propel myself to something so much greater. I embraced a path of recovery of my overall health, from a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional perspective. I did a 180 overhaul of my life over a period of time and then ended up doing a simultaneous 7-year apprenticeship with three master teacher’s who taught me how to assist others in reshaping their futures and to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

  • I owned an alternative health center that became a central location for lectures, classes, private counseling sessions by myself and others.

  • I counseled hundreds of people in how to move beyond their chronic health conditions and achieve a higher state of wellness.

  • I made an audio tape about health improvement and wellness and sold 50,000 copies.

Years ago I quit seeing clients individually and now have expanded into sharing information through my online self-care training programs. I help people that are, like I was, frustrated, stuck, in need of some hand-holding, to move beyond any chronic health conditions and create a much bigger life for themselves.

  • Maybe you’re wondering if your current health status is just the way it is and it can never change.
  • Maybe you get out of bed in the morning and wonder “Is this all there is”? And then limp through your day wondering what happened to your energy, aspirations, goals and dreams.
  • Maybe you go to bed at night wondering what happened to your essential energy and the excitement and passion you once had for life.
  • Maybe you’re someone that wishes they had a consistent, easy-to-follow routine that can assist you in regaining your overall health. 

I believe there is always a way to move beyond those places in our lives where we feel stuck, alone, isolated. It just takes the right path, some discipline, and the belief that a greater level of health and happiness is possible. I am always happy to share the things I have found in my life that have assisted me in living a bigger, happier, healthier life.

More Testimonials

WooHoo, I finally completed the Self-Massage course! Thank you for this wonderful experience. I have already incorporated a lot of things in my daily practice. When I am standing in line at the grocery or warming up for a hike, I massage the acupressure points to keep the energy flowing.

Brian Smith

If you are tired of the same old medical solutions to your health problems that don't work; one would do well to look into the Self-Massage holistic trainings offered by Kerry Loeb

Thomas C McCollum lll, MD



Age 5


My parents friends nicknamed me “laughing boy” because I did that a lot.


Age 12


I’m the one in the middle (dark sweatshirt), with the mischievous smile 😊


Age 18


High School


Age 21




Age 23


Doing my “Stayin Alive” John Travola imitation (Saturday Night Fever)



Me with my teacher, Shizuko Yamamoto, during my 7-year apprenticeship with her. She taught me much about Self-Massage and Barefoot Shiatsu.



Proud and happy papa. The homebirth of my daughter, Lucia. Just a few years prior, I had started my wellness center, where I counseled people in how to attain greater levels of health.



Trying to survive the 1st year of fatherhood on no sleep



My first daughter-dad Mexico trip.


“Flying” with my Acro Yoga teacher daughter at a talent show at a health camp in the Sierra mountains, California



The day after the 2016 elections in the US, I made my new home San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I started teaching live self-care classes here in 2019 before I expanded to my online program.



My daughter Lucia, the happiest, healthiest human being I know.



San Miguel de Allende. Teaching the local Mexican kids how to speak English



Wellness in San Miguel. Teaching my Self-Massage class that proved to be very popular.



From a 2 month trek through SE Asia



During a 3-month exploration of the beaches of Southern Mexico. Feeling grateful to be able to work a couple of hours a day, then head out for a day at the most beautiful, virgin beaches I have ever seen.