Conditions Specific Acupoints are Good For

Learning Acupressure & Do-In Self Message Enhanced My Life & Improved My Health

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I first discovered this acupressure Self-Massage technique, also referred to as DO-IN, over 35 years ago as I was looking for a  way to help with my chronic fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, depression and anxiety, and chronic pain syndromes.

This Self Massage technique is based in Traditional Chinese medicine, whose theory is that if the energy is moving unimpeded through the 14 meridians and the correlative internal organs, then illness, health imbalances, disease, and even chronic pain cannot exist. This technique demonstrates how we can release any stuck energy in our bodies, by using percussive techniques, direct acupoint stimulation, massaging, stretching and breathing, to achieve increased energy, a reduction of stress, a reduction or elimination of pain, increased possibilities for the prevention of injuries and the ability to heal faster if injuries should occur, reduction or elimination of headaches and digestive problems.

This Self-Massage technique walks you through all of the various ways to access the meridians so that energy can flow freely throughout the entire body.

The self-massage course is comprised of nine lessons, moving through all of the seasons of the year and the correlative internal organs and meridians. The course will allow you to identify all of the best acupressure points for your condition so that you can start to feel better and more alive. If are wondering what acupressure points are  best for headaches, low energy, insomnia, anxiety, poor digestion, low immunity, etc., the program will teach you this.  There is also a lesson specific to how to look and feel younger by doing a regular acupressure facelift massage. The final lesson ties everything together as I lead you through a complete half-hour Self-Massage routine that you can follow along with and replay everyday if you wish.


You will also receive all of the health support you need as I conduct two free Zoom training calls/month and am always available via email fi you have any questions.